Tips for Mom’s-to-be: Manage your Work and Baby

Most working women have fears of raising children. These fears arise because pregnancy feels like a full-time job itself. Becoming a mother is not easy; the fatigue, pains and dependency involved in pregnancy, leaves you feeling totally handicapped. As a result, coping from nine in the morning to five in the evening, with pregnancy issues sets new challenges for a working mom-to-be.

It is very important for a speculating mother to avoid stress. Experts opine that it is harmful for the growth of the baby as it reduces blood flow into the placenta. However, the ideal way to reduce stress for the mom’s-to-be would be to balance work and rest.

Tips for Working Mom’s to-be:

  • Seek permission to work from home
  • Try seeking permission to work at convenient hours so that you don’t have to travel during peak hours
  • Ensure that you take one full hour for lunch and do utilize this time to relax and sleep if you can
  • Always keep a bottle of drinking water and some snacks with you
  • Do not stay too late at office and take up less tasks to fulfill
  • Avoid taking work home if its really not important
  • Don’t keep standing or sitting for a long time

The above is a flexible work schedule for you to maintain. However, you should also take care of the flexible limits that your friends and bosses can provide. You must be excited about your first baby or second, and maybe finding it hard to manage both work and baby, but don’t bore your friends and colleagues with your sob story.

Tips to Avail Maternity Leave:

  • Wait for three months prior to your pregnancy then tell your boss
  • Look for the right moment to tell your boss and subsequent authorities about your pregnancy issues and not when they are busy and rushing off
  • Inform your boss about appointments in advance
  • If you need a bigger uniform then inform the authorities of a bigger size
  • Don’t prolong the issue and inform your authorities in time so that they can provide maternity coverage for you

Experts say that a working mom-to-be should stop working after thirty-two weeks due to pressure experienced by the mother on the joints, muscles and spine. However, some women continue to work till their full terms.

Facts About Working Pregnant Women:

  • Research says that 7 percent of working mothers-to-be are forced out of their jobs
  • About 45 percent receive unfair treatment from their bosses and work authorities

Take enough rest and always put yourself and your baby’s safety before anything. Work is important but along with it comes the rights of a mom-to-be. So, never become a subject of pity or discrimination but demand the due that a mom-to-be deserves on account of carrying a new born in her womb. Your boss is entitled to give you the benefits and rights of becoming a mother. So, don’t shy away from motherhood or work at any cost.